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Welcome to my site. My name is Ramesus, more affectionately called "Papa Stew." I grew up sitting at my great-grandfather's table, eating whatever he fed me. We called him Poppa, and this is where the name "Papa" Stew originated.

Whether it was with my mom or my Aunt Thelma (Lasses), I was in the kitchen, wanting to know how something was made.

I spent 10+ years in the restaurant industry learning how to make flavorific meals.

Cooking and food are my life. Now I want to share my love for amazing food with YOU!

Every meal prepared, I'm sharing a piece of me with you.

We are eager to cater your next event, grow with you in one of our cooking classes, or read how you used one of the sauces/seasonings we curated.

Welcome to my table...

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