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If this includes you, this blog is for you; everyone else, this will be good information to hold onto or to share.

When preparing the meal of the week, if you fit into any of the groups above, please know I take into consideration your particular need(s). As long as I'm aware of what you're allergic to or don't eat, I will go above and beyond what's needed to protect you.

For those who are allergic to gluten, I always prepare your food first to avoid any possible cross-contamination. If you're allergic to a spice, within reason, I'll create a separate seasoning for you and will only use this in your food.

I want you to know, "I gotcha covered."

Please feel free to send me a direct message if you have any concerns. Many of you who order regularly, I am aware of your allergies and/or dietary restrictions and cater to those specific requirements.


Papa Stew.

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Misty Hoyt
Misty Hoyt
Aug 13, 2021

You are wonderful!!!

Replying to

You're too kind, Misty.

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