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Meal of the Week: 03/30/2022 (Wednesday)

Hello everyone!

It's that magical time of the week again...

It's Smoked Drumsticks w/ Jambalaya for $13 ($15 Keto). This is a per person meal. The meal has two drumsticks with 8oz of jambalaya. The Keto option is served with cauliflower rice.

Ordering instructions:


Scroll to the bottom to "Contact Us" and fill out the information.

Subject needs to be "Meal of the Week."

In your message, let me know how many orders you will need.

For my FB followers, DM your order request. It's still for local pickup/delivery.

Pickup/delivery (local) instructions will be sent via email with the invoice.

The item will show "out of stock" Tuesday, at 12PM (noon).

If you want to be notified weekly about the Meal of the Week, please read the blog post titled "Spaces."

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